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PGERR writing user data option bytes STM32F103RE

Question asked by kelly.owen on Mar 3, 2015
Latest reply on Mar 3, 2015 by Clive One
Hi all,
I am trying to read and write the STM32F103 user data bytes (Data0 and Data1 in Table 8 of STM32F10xxx PM0075 Programming manual).
I wrote this code to set Data0 to value 0x1B:
  FLASH_UnlockBank1();                                         // step 1
  flashStatus = FLASH_ProgramOptionByteData(0x1FFFF804, 0x1b); // step 2
  FLASH_LockBank1();                                           // step 3
and the result after step 2 is 
  flashStatus == FLASH_ERROR_PG
and the memory at 0x1FFFF804 has not changed.

Is there more that I should be doing to establish the proper context for executing step 2?

When I succeed, will the change to Data0 be immediately readable, or does the CPU need to go through a reset cycle for the updated option bytes to be visible?

At the assignment moment within FLASH_ProgramOptionByteData(), just before *address=data, we have FLASH_CR==OPTWRE|OPTPG and all the other control bits are zero.
Before the assignment, FLASH_SR==EOP; after the assignment, FLASH_SR==PGERR|EOP.

The FLASH_* functions are from stm32f10x_flash.c V3.6.1 .

Thank you for any advice or example code.