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STM32F$ DMA mapping

Question asked by yvraut.gerard on Mar 1, 2015
Latest reply on Mar 2, 2015 by yvraut.gerard
I am a bit confused by the channel mapping description in " DocID018909 Rev 8"  and would appreciate some addditional explanations.
In "10.3.3 Channel selection"  we have the following text "Table 42 and Table 43 give examples of DMA request mappings.".

Is there a different place where one can find and "exhaustive"  list of possible mappings rather than an "example"?

In addtition some of the "example mapping"  (e.g., DMA1, Stream 0 , channel 4) implies a " unidirectional mapping" (to UART5_RX) when all other descriptions consider that a stream can be programmed for either direction. Any hint on what is actually possible?