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LAN8720 ETHBoard Waveshare+STM32Cube+STM3F407VG

Question asked by pereira.ronaldo on Feb 28, 2015
Latest reply on Mar 10, 2015 by francescato.diego
Hello, Friends!

I'm trying to generate code to work with the LAN8720 PHY + FreeRTOS through STM32Cube. I can work with ethernet, only if the PHY starts with this ethernet cable. Otherwise, the ethernet does not work.
I've tried changing the PHYADR0 as 1b and 0b, without success. I've tried changing the settings of lwIP stack, also without success.
I did a test with another card Waveshare using DP83848 PHY at the beginning had the same problem, but that was resolved by changing the PhyAddress 1b to 0b.

* Attached are the wiring diagram of the LAN8720 plate ETHBoard of Waveshare and tabmém the STM32Cube configuration file that I am using.