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SD Card bootloader for STM32F407

Question asked by litos.carlitos on Feb 26, 2015
Latest reply on Feb 26, 2015 by litos.carlitos

I need develop an SD card bootloader for STM32F407, mine also will include encrypted XTEA algorithm. I developed it already time ago for Microchip PIC32, and now need to do it sot STM32F4.

I have donwload already a lot of information, even some examples about USB and Serial bootloaders, and started to develop mine for SD Card.

But after read a lot, also some in this forum Im a bit confused about the named "Vector Table", do not know exactly what is it and how must config it properly in a Bootloader.

I know about how config Linker Script for bootloader and for firmware programms, about the ROM ORIGIN.

Please may somebody confirm if I must apply these config to bootloader ??:

1.- Jump to user application must to be Application Address + 0x04. Why ??
2.- In user application always must include in main.c  NVIC_SetVectorTable(NVIC_VectTab_FLASH, Application address);
3.- In user Application, modify Linker script ROM ORIGIN to first address of user application.

Thats right, need to apply some more to bootloader or firmware applications ???

Thank you and kind regards.