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Repurposing Discovery GPIOA PA10,PA13,PA14,PA15 as Outputs

Question asked by __ag on Feb 26, 2015
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I'm working on a STM32F407VG Discovery board and seem to have hit a brick wall trying to set GPIOA typical usb pins (PA10,PA13,PA14,PA15) as outputs to light up leds.
I've tried initializing the pins the normal way but they seem to get stuck on the usb communication, without any usb cable plugged in and powering the discovery board externally the behaviour changes but still they don't respond to any code set/reset bit.

Been reading online but still didn't found any solution.
I already repurposed some some special pins for inputs (ex: PB9,PD5) for these some resistors needed to be removed as they are tied to specific peripherics.
May this be the case for the pins i'm trying to use?
i tried finding this info on the board manual but doesn't look like i need to.

reading through other threads also tried GPIOA -> MODER to reset pins but still no luck.
also noticed the LCKK register but it seems to be disabled so no pins seem to be locked for reconfigurations.

Not posting any code as i believe this is not code related as all other pins on GPIOA work as expected.

Any hint is much appreciated!

all the very best