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How to remove Read Protection (Level1->0) by an external SWD prgrammer?

Question asked by Akhtariev.Ravil on Feb 23, 2015
Latest reply on Feb 24, 2015 by Akhtariev.Ravil
I am making a stand-alone SWD programmer for STM32F1 and L1 families, based on STM32F103. For that I have used AN0062 "Programming Internal Flash Over the Serial Wire Debug Interface" by Silicon Labs. Everything works fine and the final touch I need to implement is the ability to re-program read-protected targets. However, the procedure to lower the Read Protection (RDP) from Level 1 to Level 0, described in the Reference Manual for STM32F1/L1 requires to read and write into Flash controller registers inside the target, that is prohibited by the Read Protection itself.
Does anybody knows a correct way to set the RDP to Level0 by means of an external custom SWD programmer?