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interrupt driven usart2 reception not working

Question asked by kadam.kiran on Feb 16, 2015
Latest reply on Feb 23, 2015 by kadam.kiran
Hi,This is kiran kadam.currently i am working on gsm based i am using for development are stm32f429 disco board,sim900 module,level converter and ewarm7.3
i am stuck at interrupt driven uart.i have written code for usart but code does not work properly.i know i am missing something but could not trace out.even i tried example code from st dedicated for this board that too didnt worked out.pls help me out as soon as possible as it is urgent for me.i can see TXE ,TC flag are set but receiving giving me trouble.for instance i have shorted TX,RX to echo back whatever i am sending. pls help your help will be appreciated.

Kiran Kadam