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stm32f4 + ov7670 + dmlcd-35rt double upscaled image

Question asked by khan.umair on Feb 13, 2015
i am working on a project with stm32f4 , ov7670  and dm-lcd35rt image output from my camera is doubled and also its colour is greenish  following is my register setting

     // Clock Settings //                                                                                           xclk 24M pclk 12M
    {0x11, 0x00}, // 
    {0x6b, 0x8a}, // 
          // check different 
          {0x3a, 0x08},
          {0x3d, 0xc2},

  {0x12, 0x15}, // RGB processed  set + QVGA set     
  {0x40, 0xd0}, // output range till 0xFF RGB-565 select     
     {0x3e, 0x11},

in snapshot mode it works fine but in continuous mode frame overlaps i cant work out why frames are overlaping in such way
on each vsync interrupt i set my lcd cursor to 0,0 apparantly it is not working this way following is my intterupt function

void DCMI_IRQHandler(void)
     if (DCMI_GetITStatus(DCMI_IT_VSYNC) != RESET) 
     if (DCMI_GetITStatus(DCMI_IT_LINE) != RESET) 
     if (DCMI_GetITStatus(DCMI_IT_FRAME) != RESET) 
     if (DCMI_GetITStatus(DCMI_IT_ERR) != RESET) 
image from my lcd output is attached 

can any one give me some directions about it?