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STM32F0 with HAL driver and EEPROM emulation

Question asked by joel.giraud on Feb 12, 2015
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I am curently working on an application generated by the STM32cubeMX software. This application use the folowing HAL library's: tim,adc,dma,uart,gpio... I have to implement an erase and write non volatile memory fonctionality. At first I have used  the HAL_Flash lib but I can write the memory only one time. The application has to write multiple time in the memory with fixed data address.

I have found the AN4061wich is very interesting. I have downloaded the 

STSW-STM32117 exemple but this one doesn't use the HAL library. I can't run both HAL and non-HAL library at the same time. 

Is anyone got a solution wich is not to re-code all my application with the non-HAL lib?

Thank's a lot!