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STM32F4 timing application question

Question asked by davis.james on Feb 5, 2015
Latest reply on Feb 26, 2015 by Cat
The application is to use a STM32F4, but not allow the core to enter any level of ISR at the time it's supposed to service a TIMER interrupt. The application needs the TIMER events to be repeatable down to clock cycle.

So, will the following work?

- Have a list of "things" to do at certain time intervals (T1, T2, ...Tn).

- Have a main infinite loop running along, interpreting commands it may get in a buffer unrelated to the list. 

- A TIMER is setup to interrupt at T1. Then the INT handler sets a new T2 and restarts the timer. This operation would continue to Tn based on the list.

- The TIMER interrupt  must always have the same overhead, so it can have the same number of clock cycles. 

Is this possible?