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STM32F100 ADC Setup

Question asked by jarvis.tom on Feb 5, 2015

Im trying to get the ADC working on the STM32f2100RB Discovery board. The code keeps getting stuck in the underlined, bold line of code.

****ADC Setup code****

void Config_ADC1DAC1 (void){       //ADC Set-up
    GPIOA->CRL|=(0x0000);             //Enable GPIOA - Analogue input mode
    RCC->APB2ENR|=((0x01<<2) | (0x1<<9));             //Enable ADC1
    ADC1->SR&=~0x02;                              //EOC cleared
    ADC1->CR1|=((0x01<<8));                        //Scan mode
    ADC1->SQR1|=(0x01<<20);           //Number of conversions - Two ADC's
    ADC1->SQR3|=((0x01<<(5*0))|(0x02<<(5*1)));                    //PA1, PA2
    ADC1->CR2|=((0x01<<0)|(0x01<<1));                      //ADC started, EOCS set
***Reading ADC***

ADC1->CR2|=(0x01<<22);                                        //Start a regular group conversion
   for(c=0; c<2; c++)                                                //For loop, two ADC's
        while(!(ADC1->SR&0x02));                 //wait for conversion complete
       adc_data[c]=(ADC1->DR);                  //Read data from buffer

Can anyone see a problem with the setup code? This works perfectly fine with the STM32f4discovery board (with a few tweeks).