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nTRST with Debug+ETM connector on ULINK PRO

Question asked by bamford.konrad on Feb 4, 2015
Latest reply on Feb 4, 2015 by Clive One
I am using ULINK-PRO to debug a STM32F4.  I have connected the target as per the Cortex Debug+ETM 20 pin.  I have connected TRACE_D1 to nTRST as I believe these pins are multiplexed within the ULINK PRO.  i.e. nTRST which is pin 3 of the Standard JTAG connector is linked to pin 16 of the Cortex Debug+ETM connector.
Is this correct?
The STM32F4 errata says nTRST must be connected to initialize debug but this makes it incompatible with the Cortex Debug+ETM connector.
The debug seems to be OK but we have not yet needed the trace facility (apart from the sw printf).  I have used the same connections for about 5 different target boards.

nTRST is an input TRACEDATA[1] is an output    so how will this work?