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bxCAN Tx Interrupt problem

Question asked by bregel.wolfgang on Jan 30, 2015
Latest reply on Sep 14, 2016 by Alam.Muhammad_Asrar
Hi all,

i have a problem with the bxCAN Tx interrupt as follows:
@ heavy bus load, i.e. >8  CAN nodes generating CAN messages (DLC=8) @ 1 Mbps resulting in aprox. 95% bus load the following happens:

I get an Tx int w/ CAN_TSR_RQCP2 = 1 and CAN_TSR_TXOK2 = 0 and CAN_TSR_TERR2 = 0 and CAN_TSR_ALST2 = 0

Evaluating the CAN_TSR_TXOK2 for being true makes my application stall.
I'm not sure yet whether this is true for Queue 0 and 1 too (at least it is much less frequent).

The NART bit in the CAN_MCR set to false. Looking at the Transmit mailbox states diagram (figure 227 in the RM) above mentioned bit combination CANNOT happen.
BTW ABORT is not used in my application.

Any ideas?

Thanks Wolf