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STM32F4xx USB Isochronous OUT Multitransactions are possible?

Question asked by otachkin.alexey on Jan 29, 2015
I'm trying to implement USB High Speed Host on STM32F405 micro. I use IAR and corresponding examples for USB Host. Playing with examples, I had success in sending Bulk, Interrupt and single Isochronous packets.
Now I'd like to send Isochronous OUT Multitransactions, that is when up to 3 packets are sended during 1 microframe. I know that in this case DATA0, DATA1, DATA2 and MDATA pids are used. But searching through the all example code I can not find any mentioning of MDATA, that seems strange. Maybe, it is not supposed to use that type of transfers...

So, my questions are:
1. Is it possible to implement ISO Multitransactions in STM32F4xx ? I hope to transfer three packets of 1024 bytes each - is it real?

2. Are there any working examples of code for this case?

Thanks in advance!