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errors in STM32F427xx STM32F429xx datasheet (DocID024030 Rev 4)

Question asked by galens on Jan 29, 2015

While working on an STM32F427 design, I have encountered a few problems in the datasheet.

In Table 10, the LCD and OTG alternate functions for PA11 and PA12 are listed in the opposite order relative to other port pins(e.g. PA3, PA8, PB10, etc.).  They are also out of order relative to the expected left to right order from Table 12.

In Table 12, PH6 and PH7 are missing EVENTOUT in the AF15 column.

In Table 12, PH6 is missing ETH_MII_RXD2 in the AF11 column.

Finally, I'm finding the OTG nomenclature in the headings of Table 12 columns AF10 and AF12 a bit confusing.  The headings use OTG1 and OTG2 to distinguish between the two interfaces, but the function names don't include 1 or 2.  Also, the heading of AF12 says OTG2_FS, but the actual function names listed in the column begin with OTG_HS.  I'm not sure how I would correct this, but the current situation seems ripe for pin assignment mistakes.