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CAN application using HAL Library

Question asked by Lukasz Przenioslo on Jan 26, 2015
Latest reply on Jan 28, 2015 by Amel N
Hello there,
I am new to STM32 but I have some expirience with AVR8 and 32. I am trying to make a simple demo program using stm32f4discovery board that would allow me to send and receive data on CAN1 channel. For the start I would take the interrupt aproach and if get to know it change it to DMA for receiving and transmitting data. I downloaded the UM1725 document and tried to take it as refference, but it is way to "general" in the example section for me.
I would really aprichiate if someone could recomend me a step by step tutorial for configuring CAN peripheral using HAL library, and even better if there is one showing how to config it with the use of DMA.