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LCD Touchscreen calibrate problem

Question asked by claude.antoine on Jan 21, 2015


I have Open Cortex-M4 Kits Open407V-D. I try to do an application resembling as proposed in this link. At the first part the LCD work correctly. But in the second part I have a problem when I want calibrate the screen touch. When I add the line “TouchPanel_Calibrate();” in my program , the card blocked in the third square of calibration. After many operation ,I look that the problem is related with this line “setCalibrationMatrix( &DisplaySample[0],&ScreenSample[0],&matrix );” located in “TouchPanel_Calibrate()” function in xpt2046 library. When I remove this line the card work and he run correctly, but the Touchscreen is not calibrated.

Please someone can help me to resolve this problem?  Thank you in advance.
This is the link : LCD Touchscreen exemple
The complete source code is here: Source Code