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Sd card damage after writing data[SOLVED]

Question asked by de_carvalho.felipe on Jan 20, 2015
Latest reply on Jan 27, 2015 by de_carvalho.felipe
I am getting a very annoying problem where my SD cards are becoming corrupted after recording data through a custom PCB.
I'm using the SDIO driver (fixed for 4GB), that clive has made available in the forum, for interfacing with the SD card. I acquire data through an external ADC and continuously save the data to the card.
Until recently this was working well but now when I record data the SD card is becoming corrupt in such a way that even trying to format/save/delete data from the sd card on a PC is impossible. The sd card has become completely useless. I can still see/read the data that was saved but I can't do anything else. using sandisk SDformater tool it returns and error saying the card is write protected, however, I'm using micro sd cards and not the normal ones.
This has happened twice now and I have no idea what can be the cause. Has anyone at all come across the same error?  
The hardware hasn't been changed and the firmware has been adapted to my needs. If this is firmware related then I might have stumbled in a way to damage the SD card.
I haven't managed to carry out further tests because I'm afraid of damaging any SD card I use. If anyone has any ideas as to what tests I could make please let me know.
Reading through the SD card specifications I can see that the sd card can be internally write protected but I don't see how this could happen unintentionally.