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Is there a software entry to USART (2.2) bootloader (STM32F103)?

Question asked by kelly.owen on Jan 19, 2015
Latest reply on Jan 21, 2015 by kelly.owen
Hello all,
I am tasked with implementing firmware upgrade on an STM32F103 project. USB DFU is not available for this chip.
After some reading, I see two approaches available:
  1. Feed the STM32 USART bootloader from an attached serial Bluetooth module.
  3. Boot from SD card image. 
For the Bluetooth approach, I want to learn how to get USART1 into bootloader mode. Unfortunately, I do not have control of boot0 and boot1 pins. Is there a way to put the USART into bootloader mode without using the boot pin pattern? 

For the SD design, I have seen several projects that could help.

Thanks and regards,