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STM32F4 Discovery Board and VCP USB drivers/application

Question asked by virzi.joseph on Jan 17, 2015
Latest reply on May 14, 2015 by tomkins.richard

I have a STM32F4 Discovery board, which I plan to use as sensor-based data acquisition board, switching from RS232 to USB communication with host. The simplest path I see to take is to make the device a Virtual Com Port.

There are a lot of examples with code such as and this is highly appreciated.

I use the STMCubeMX application to generate the system skeleton, and I develop within the "/* BEGIN USER CODE */ and /* END USER CODE */. This is great because I can swap out configurations, and STMCube writes out new code, but preserves my code.

I naively tried to use the USB packages from STMCubeMX but it doesn't work. I do have the example described above to work, but now I am tied to that particular configuration of code. Therefore, I cannot use STMCubeMX anymore to change settings and write new code.

My question is whether anyone knows what needs to be done to the USB code generated by STMCubeMX to get it to work as a CDC VCP? That way, I can continue to work within the STMCubeMX/Keil framework.




P.S. - This has been very happily resolved, complete with working code and a summary of steps required. Please see the reply to this thread on 19 Jan for the information