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Compiling programs that will be bootloaded

Question asked by pollack.brandon on Jan 15, 2015
Latest reply on Jan 16, 2015 by pollack.brandon
These forums are great, thanks in advance for all your help!

I'm using an STM32F439, no IDE has been picked yet, but either Keil or IAR

My application involves swappable FLASH (or EEPROM) boards that contain the program running.  I am going to write a bootloader (many examples here) to do that by reprogramming the flash at address 0x8000 C000.

I know that in the application which is bootstrapped I need to move the NVIC table.

My question is, when I compile this program, do I simply edit the linker script to tell it it starts at location C000 instead of 0?

Also, how do I get this compiled binary on the cartridge?  Can I plug the cartridge in (to the memory map), modify the linker in a similar way (starting program location vs execute location), program it, and remove the flash cart?

Thank you so much