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Mass Storage Host class, some not compatible pen drive

Question asked by LaserElettronicaSRL on Jan 14, 2015
Latest reply on Jan 16, 2015 by John F.
I have used the STM32_USB_HOST_Library V2.1.0 (19-March-2012) on STM32F105 for implement Mass Storage Host class.

The file system is has been implemented with FatFs Module Source Files R0.07e.
The my problem is that not all pen drive are recognized!
The symptom is that the USB Host core main state machine process (USBH_Process) remains in the HOST_ENUMERATION state!
Below the list of pen drive tested:

Made         Capacity     File System     Cluster size     Vel. Read         Vel. Write    Compatible
Kingston     14,42 GB     FAT32          8 KB             18,12 MB/s      1,44 MB/s   YES
Gudget         0,94 GB         FAT         16 KB              15,20 MB/s     5,43 MB/s   YES
Kingston     0,93 GB         FAT32          4 KB          12,13 MB/s         2,05 MB/s  YES
Laser         3,76 GB         FAT32          4 KB          15,60 MB/s         2,48 MB/s    NO
Verbatim     7,50 GB         FAT32          4 KB          13,60 MB/s         3,85 MB/s   NO
Verbatim     7,28 GB         FAT32          4 KB          19,8 MB/s         10,20 MB/s   NO

any idea?