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stm32cube test: freertos+lwip+olimex e407 = no ethernet

Question asked by coelho on Jan 9, 2015
I'm trying to use my olimex e407 board with the code generated by stm32cubemx, with:
 - lwip
 - freertos
 - ST HAL driver
 - ARM gcc

This board uses a different PHY (in RMII) than the one the HAL driver has been written for (SMSC/Microchip lan8720 instead of DP83848), which requires different code to setup/get the negotiated ethernet link and a 12MHz crystal for HSE.

I'm unable to send or receive data via ethernet. Did anyone test this board with the HAL drivers bundled in the STM32CubeMX?

For HAL Driver development team: in case you're reading this, could you add a callback for the user to define a SetupLink method ?

Thanks in advance!