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Operation on PC10 causing interference with JTAG comm.?

Question asked by cuneo.john on Jan 8, 2015
Latest reply on Jan 9, 2015 by Clive One
Hello, a while back I encountered a problem where I am unable to JLink-debug my project. Now I have pinpointed the exact line of the problem:

GPIO_SetBits   (GPIOC,GPIO_Pin_10);

It's a library func. I've checked the datasheet and found that PC10 has nothing to do with JTAG connection whatsoever, and most JTAG pins are with either BankA or BankB.

I pinpointed this line because after I commented it, everything became just fine. I pinpointed this exact line in a "module (.c file) exclusion, then function exclusion, then line by line commenting " manner.

Interference manifests ultimately in the form of program stopping by itself, to be more precise, way before the main() func, even before the system initialization — or in other words, the interference is so fierce that it stopped program from running at all, under the debug mode of keil.

Can someone please provide a little insight as why might such thing happen?

*Note that the interference starts before the system_init function of the .s startup file even get executed.*

Development Env. & Hardware:
Keil μV4