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How to make program start from a customized address?

Question asked by David_Lin on Jan 8, 2015
Latest reply on Jan 15, 2015 by David_Lin
I understand this question has been asked before. I searched the forum and view these three threads: 
"How to program the application flash file (hex file) in chosen flash area by using ST-LINK for STM32F0"
"Flash Address setting to write main program starting from specific address"
"How start running STM32 firmware from IROM2 ?"

However, I still have some doubts. For STM32F407, there are 12 flash sectors. If I define the IROM1 address to be 0x080E0000, which is the 12th sector, can I then store data in the first 11 sectors, including sector 0 starting from 0x08000000? From the threads, it seems that I can't because some vectors are located in sector 0. Does it mean I can only use sector 1~11?