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STM32L151 unable to enter Main() on debugging with STLINKV2

Question asked by chan.danny.003 on Jan 2, 2015
Latest reply on Jan 7, 2015 by chan.danny.003
Hi, just soldered my STM32L151CB 48Pins with below configuration :

1. SWD, both SWDIO, SWCLK (no pull up or down), VDD, GND connected to STLINKV2
2. Boot 0 (NC) 
3. OSC32 I O, OSC I O (NC), i used to use internal oscillator as STM32F103 
4. WKUP2 and WKUP1 (NC) 

i am new to low power like this, my problem is on connected with STLINKV2, the mcu can be detected, but when debug it, it never entered to main()