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need a simple manual or tutorial for pripherals and their application

Question asked by ali.seyed on Dec 31, 2014
hi every one
i am a new elementary user of stm32f4xx(in particular stm32f4 discovery board)
when i need to learn some new peripheral and that's application and functions, i Encounter a lot of Terms that i can not understand them.

for example i need to work with timers
i know that i should work TimeBase mode
but in stdperiph_library there are many functions that i dont what they do?
for example

i can not understand what is one pulse mode?

or another function
i do not know what is prescaler and what that does?

i do not know what is the ARR(Auto reload register) and what does that do?
how ever i can guess only some of them but not exactly!!

i need a simple and full reference or manual or tutorial to explains me all of peripherals of stm32f4

very very thanks