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F407VET6 not entering code - left nRST floating by mistake

Question asked by s.josh on Dec 30, 2014
Latest reply on Mar 7, 2015 by s.josh
I goofed, big time. I'm new to the STM32F and I didn't follow the STM32F4 discovery schematic. I built a board that I wanted to power up from flash, and while I remembered the BOOT0 setting (GND), I left nRST floating.

I can use SWD to program the board, but simply applying power doesn't start the code execution. If I use the ST-LINK software, I can manually start the code running by forcing a system reset.

I understand there is an internal pull-up on the reset pin, but do I need to configure it? Is the 100nF capacitor required for self-start execution? I had a few PCBs made, so if there's a software-only solution I can test (short of forcing a reset with the ST-LINK each time), that's much appreciated as well.

Thank you!