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STM32L100 signature + A version

Question asked by pajik on Dec 29, 2014
Latest reply on Jan 2, 2015 by pajik
Hello I have two questions regarding STM32L100RB line.

1) How is it with STM32L100RB/STM32L100RB-A versions? Is it so, that only STM32L100RB-A is available and how are those distinguished? I have one of very first commercionally available (through farnell) STM32L100RBT6, and it already has 16KB of RAM, so it should be STM32L100RBT6-A

2) How is it with signature - unique ID in STM32L100RB/STM32L100RB-A, from some migration files I read out, that no one of this should have it available, but in the reference manual, there is written, that all STM32L1xxx should have it. And in reality I can read it with ST-Link utility, so it seems it is available...

thank you in advance