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STM32F429 LTDC Pixel Format

Question asked by ippagunta.mahendraku on Dec 29, 2014
Latest reply on Dec 30, 2014 by Tamas Novak
I have a 24 bit RGB LCD (RGB888) connected to STM32F429.
As we know the Pixel Formats supported by STM32F4 are ARGB8888, RGB888, ARGB1555, RGB565 etc.

Is the pixel format that we set in the LTDC configuration indicates the pixel format of the frame buffer? or the pixel format of the LCD display that is connected?

For ex, Can I configure the LTDC for pixel format ARGB1555 and load ARGB1555 format image into frame buffer and expect LTDC to drive the RGB888 format  LCD display?

The reason for this question is our LCD requires over 220KB of frame buffer if we use ARGB8888 format and this amount of RAM is not there in the device. So if we use lower 16b color depth formats like ARGB1555, will the output of LTDC be compatible with the 24b RGB LCD display?  

Thanks in Advance