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SWO Viewer STM32F401/411 Nucleo problem

Question asked by Majerle.Tilen on Dec 26, 2014
Latest reply on May 21, 2015 by Clive One
Hi to all,

I have F401 and F411 Nucleo boards.
Both boards have STLink version "V2.J23.M7 STM32 Debug+Mass storage" installed.

However, SB15 is connected, so STLink and PB3 pin (SWO) are connected.
If I open STLink and click on "Print via SWO Viewer", nothing happen.

My first thought was that my program is failed.
I took my discovery board (F429) and connect discovery board via SWD pins to nucleo (F429 acts as programmer/debugger) and everything started working, so program is OK written and SWO output is enabled.

So my figure is that problem is STLink on nucleo boards.

Also, when I do trace on Keil, I got error (in command line) when debug, saying "Cannot access memory" but program is working just five using STLink on F429 discovery or external Keil ULINK2 programmer.

On they said that everything works perfect on their boards, but I can't get it in working state.

Any ideas would be great