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Port "spanning" STM32F

Question asked by kibbe.kevin on Dec 23, 2014
Latest reply on Dec 23, 2014 by kibbe.kevin
Not sure if this is the correct term but to aid in laying our a pcb for my project where I have three 16 pin devices that need to connect to i/o ports. I would like to know how much of a performance hit will the processor take when I connect each 16 pin device cleanly from a layout point of view but mixing up the ports. For example:

porta1 - deviceApin1
porta2 - deviceApin2
porta3 - deviceApin3
porta4 - deviceApin4
portb1 - deviceApin5
portb2 - deviceApin6
portb3 - deviceApin7
portb4 - deviceApin8
portc1 - deviceApin9
portc2 - deviceApin10
portc3 - deviceApin11
portc4 - deviceApin12

I was under the impression that you can define a Virtual port made up of any of the pins from the "real" ports and act on the virtual port the way you would a real port. For example if you wanted to make a variable equal to the VirtualPortx it would be the same command as making a variable equil to PortA. Or if you wanted to make the outputs of a virtual port = "1001001111001001" a single command would do it...

Thanks, I'm the pcb guy not the software guy...