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STM32F429: USB Custom Class

Question asked by basanta.mario on Dec 23, 2014
Hello everyone,

Im having problems to implement a USB custom class , using the eval board "STM324x9I-EVAL" . Im new in STM32, so any help will be appreciated. The device is recognized by the PC Host as an unknown device. I want to know if the problem is on my configuration or what im missing. 

Development Enviroment:
Tool Version Numbers:
Toolchain:        MDK-Lite  Version:
Toolchain Path:    C:\Keil_v5\ARM\ARMCC\Bin
C Compiler:         Armcc.exe        V5.05 (build 41)
Assembler:          Armasm.exe        V5.05 (build 41)
Linker/Locator:     ArmLink.exe        V5.05 (build 41)
Library Manager:    ArmAr.exe        V5.05 (build 41)
Hex Converter:      FromElf.exe        V5.05 (build 41)
CPU DLL:               SARMCM3.DLL          V5.12.0.0
Dialog DLL:         DCM.DLL              V1.13.0.0
Target DLL:             UL2CM3.DLL           V1.153.0.0
Dialog DLL:         TCM.DLL              V1.14.2.0

Im performing this on the main:

    p = USBD_Initialize(0);
    if(p == usbOK)
        p = USBD_Connect(0);

Also, any document or tutorial on how to use, the USB library would be appreciated.
Best Regards,