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Stm32F207ZG New fragment overlaps old data (retransmission?)

Question asked by be_senyor.ezra on Dec 23, 2014

i am working with stm32f207zg ang KSZ8051RNL in RMII i used the web server example with the lwip on it and change the phy register accordingly and tested it i am getting alot of error in packages i test it with wireshark after severel refreshes i get New fragment overlaps old data (retransmission?) that repeats severel times and then stops.

these are my defenitions:

  EthHandle.Instance = ETH;  
  EthHandle.Init.MACAddr = macaddress;
  EthHandle.Init.AutoNegotiation = ETH_AUTONEGOTIATION_ENABLE;
  EthHandle.Init.Speed = ETH_SPEED_100M;
  EthHandle.Init.DuplexMode = ETH_MODE_FULLDUPLEX;
  EthHandle.Init.MediaInterface = ETH_MEDIA_INTERFACE_RMII;
  EthHandle.Init.RxMode = ETH_RXPOLLING_MODE;
  EthHandle.Init.ChecksumMode = ETH_CHECKSUM_BY_HARDWARE;
  EthHandle.Init.PhyAddress = 0x01;

i can also see that register ETH_DMAMFDOCR value always increase in time.

i realy need your help here.