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STM32F303: ADC interleave mode overrun

Question asked by Wawrzyniak.Laurent on Dec 19, 2014
With  the STM32F303RC, I use ADC12 in interleave mode with 2 DMA to reach a 10.2 Ms sampling rate.
The ADC acquisition is trigged internally by TIM2 every 1ms, I read 1500 samples during ~100µs .
That's was working fine until my code source size reaches a certain level.
Now according the code size, I have often some ADC overrun.
The issue is disapparing when either the code increase a bit or decrease a bit.

When i used the "not" working binary with a STM32F303RE(512Kb flash, 80k RAM+CCRAM), I have never the overruns

The current bin size is 233Kbytes, the RAM+CCRAM used is 30.3Kbytes, so that's below the limit ressource of the F303RC (256K flasn, 40k RAM+CCRAM).

I already compared the (ADC12, DMA12, TIM2, NVIC) register settings before and after the issue but I found nothing bad.
The current design requires a F303RC so I have to fix the issue.

Any idea or suggestions are welcome to help me for this task.