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BlueNRG suitable for 200-500kBit/sec file transfer?

Question asked by bil.til on Feb 19, 2016
Latest reply on Feb 19, 2016 by bil.til
your BlueNRG-MS examples look very powerful - supporting Chat? So I would assume that it is possible to get a datarate in the range 20kHz * 16 Bit, so about 40kByte/sec or 300kBit/sec - is this true?

Does this work only from BlueNRG to BlueNRG, or does this work also, if I connect the BlueNRG-MS to an Android smartphone, e. g. Samsung Galaxy 5/6? Is there some simple Android example code (best in Java) to show/test this chat functionality? Could this also be applied to transfer of smaller/medium sized files (up to e. g. 100kByte)?

Does the BlueNRG DK sample code contain any "hidden code" / Lib inclusion, or is this complete c code (unfortunately this shows only IAR-EWARM projects, but I work with Keil-ARM-MDK). Is there anywhere some info, how to setup the projects in another IDE (at least a list showing the source files necessary for each project?).