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MCU with WFI (wait for interrupt) mode enable

Question asked by broch.nicolas on Dec 16, 2014
Latest reply on Dec 19, 2014 by broch.nicolas

I have a stm32f429 discovery kit. To discover the board, I was trying to modify the ADC_DMA example to show on the screen of my board the internal temperature of the MCU.

After many improvement, I have successed to write at 1 sps the temperature on the screen. At this point, I implemented the idea to put the CPU un sleep mode between 2 ADC reading. I have also use the function  void __WFI(void) to have my CPU waiting an interrupt from the DMA when the new value is available.

Unfortunatly, now, I can't control the CPU throw the JTAG. I'm not able to download a new program into my MCU Flash.

I have searched on the internet, and it seems my problem come from my use of the wait for interrupt mode.

Is there a solution to reset my MCU or do I have to change of board?

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