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STM32F439II RMII ethernet not working

Question asked by Christophe on Dec 16, 2014
Latest reply on Dec 17, 2014 by Christophe
My company has developed a board with a STM32F207IG and RMII ethernet which is working fine. Now they have given me the same board with a STM32F439II fitted, and here I can not get the ethernet to work. The CPUs should be pin compatible. After enabling the receive all packets and forward error frames flags, I can see the DMA writing in the receive buffer, but the data is not good. I have tried to use the same clock settings as the first board, but the error remained.

Fyi : 
IDE : Raisonce Ride 7 v7.48.13.0324, Rkit-ARM v1.52.13.0324
LwIP v1.4.1
Standard Peripheral Library : STM32F4xx_StdPeriph_Driver_v1.4.0 (project dates from before Cube)


  /* Fill ETH_InitStructure parametrs */
  /*------------------------   MAC   -----------------------------------*/
  ETH_InitStructure.ETH_AutoNegotiation = ETH_AutoNegotiation_Enable;

  ETH_InitStructure.ETH_LoopbackMode = ETH_LoopbackMode_Disable;
  ETH_InitStructure.ETH_RetryTransmission = ETH_RetryTransmission_Disable;
  ETH_InitStructure.ETH_AutomaticPadCRCStrip = ETH_AutomaticPadCRCStrip_Disable;
  ETH_InitStructure.ETH_ReceiveAll = ETH_ReceiveAll_Enable;
  ETH_InitStructure.ETH_BroadcastFramesReception = ETH_BroadcastFramesReception_Enable;
  ETH_InitStructure.ETH_PromiscuousMode = ETH_PromiscuousMode_Disable;
  ETH_InitStructure.ETH_MulticastFramesFilter = ETH_MulticastFramesFilter_Perfect;
  ETH_InitStructure.ETH_UnicastFramesFilter = ETH_UnicastFramesFilter_Perfect;
  ETH_InitStructure.ETH_ChecksumOffload = ETH_ChecksumOffload_Enable;

  /*------------------------   DMA   -----------------------------------*/  
  /* When we use the Checksum offload feature, we need to enable the Store and Forward mode: 
  the store and forward guarantee that a whole frame is stored in the FIFO, so the MAC can insert/verify the checksum, 
  if the checksum is OK the DMA can handle the frame otherwise the frame is dropped */
  ETH_InitStructure.ETH_DropTCPIPChecksumErrorFrame = ETH_DropTCPIPChecksumErrorFrame_Enable;
  ETH_InitStructure.ETH_ReceiveStoreForward = ETH_ReceiveStoreForward_Enable;
  ETH_InitStructure.ETH_TransmitStoreForward = ETH_TransmitStoreForward_Enable;

  ETH_InitStructure.ETH_ForwardErrorFrames = ETH_ForwardErrorFrames_Enable;
  ETH_InitStructure.ETH_ForwardUndersizedGoodFrames = ETH_ForwardUndersizedGoodFrames_Enable;
  ETH_InitStructure.ETH_SecondFrameOperate = ETH_SecondFrameOperate_Enable;
  ETH_InitStructure.ETH_AddressAlignedBeats = ETH_AddressAlignedBeats_Enable;
  ETH_InitStructure.ETH_FixedBurst = ETH_FixedBurst_Enable;
  ETH_InitStructure.ETH_RxDMABurstLength = ETH_RxDMABurstLength_32Beat;
  ETH_InitStructure.ETH_TxDMABurstLength = ETH_TxDMABurstLength_32Beat;
  ETH_InitStructure.ETH_DMAArbitration = ETH_DMAArbitration_RoundRobin_RxTx_2_1;

  /* Configure Ethernet */
  EthStatus = ETH_Init(&ETH_InitStructure, DP83848_PHY_ADDRESS);

I created 3 small test projects, starting from the "tcp echo server" demo. One project for the each board I have here. On the STM324x9I-EVAL board the program is working with ethernet in MII mode. On our 207 board the code is also working with ethernet in RMII mode. But I can't get it to work on the 439. 

Am I overlooking a change in the 439 ? Does anybody have any idea ?