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STM32F0 STM32CubeMX USB CDC problem

Question asked by pamuk.erdem on Dec 16, 2014
Hi guys 
I have a project with STM32F042K6 . My design will get datas via USB  CDC (communication device class ) from PC and it stores datas to a FLASH memory. After a while it will send datas to another device via UART. 
1-). STM32CubeMx  can not generate a compilable code for STM32F042K6 because of  
MAX_STATIC_ALLOC_SIZE.  I change it 140 and now it can be compile.
2-) My test program work like this ; I send datas ("STM32") to PC via USB continously . I  send datas (1 byte or 2 byte or 3 byte..) to my board via USB from PC and no problem. but when I send 7 byte data ( string data like "STM32F0") to my board , the data ("STM32") that I send to PC automaticly changes. My program start to send meaningless data to PC .  

Can any body help me ? You can find my project files in below link.