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Question asked by waclawek.jan on Dec 15, 2014
Thanks to Mayla for updating us. Again, it's a pity the announcement is locked and we can't discuss the merits of the new STM32 family members...

Some remarks to the text in the announcement:

- SPDIF is Rx only, if I understood right

- the 7 I2S channels are to be read as 3 simplex I2S shared with 3 SPI, plus 2 duplex I2S

- QUAD-SPI (YES way to go, ST!) - it's not "dual" as "two pieces", but as "dual mode" - can work "normally" through registers, but also through memory mapped acces (way to go, again!)

- LCD support - it's just a marketing fluff, if I understood correctly, it means "you can attach a display with controller supporting 8080/6800-style interface, through FMC"

- 180MHz system clock

- the strange combination of peripherals hints a strong customer with particular requirements ... ;-)

Btw. anybody noticed this is the first even-numbered STM32F4? :-)