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STM32F105RC USB HID device

Question asked by lemos.hugo on Dec 9, 2014

I was using a nucleo F103 like explain in the thread "Nucleo-F103RB + USB".
Now I have the finish board. In the finish board i am using a STM32F105RC.

SO i change the compiler from STM32F10X_MD to STM32F10X_CL
 and I don't know if i must remove the directive USE_STM3210B_EVAL.

I try use the "stsw-stm32121" libraries. But I don't know if this is correct.

I am making probes and i see that "platform_config.h" don't use STM32F10X_CL
so the compiler don't include stm32f10x.h

Somebody can help me?

Best regards