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SPI1 MOSI pin won't remap to SPI3

Question asked by fleetwood.mike on Dec 4, 2014
Latest reply on Aug 12, 2015 by Zoubi
I'm using STM32F101RBT6 in a project, with custom PCB.  I need to remap the SPI1 signals to pins PB3/4/5 (which would be SPI3, only STM32F101 doesn't have one).  I also use remap to disable JTAG to free-up PB3/4 for this.  The "normal" SPI1 GPIO pins are in use for something else - driven directly by software.

I find that I can output SCK on PB3 as expected, but MOSI on PB5 seems stuck high.  All register contents seem correct when viewed.  If I disable remap and set the required pins to AF mode I can get the expected outputs from the SPI1 pins (PA5/6/7).  I can also set PB5 to GPIO output and drive it correctly.

I am using SPL version 3.4.0 and Ride7 IDE.

Are there any silicon or library bugs I should be aware of?

Any clues?

many thanks,