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Which USB mode for high speed transfer?

Question asked by Jacobs.Carl.001 on Nov 29, 2014
Latest reply on Nov 30, 2014 by Jacobs.Carl.001
Hi, I've been working with the STM32 for several years, but never done any USB related stuff. Just recently I've got working an example of USB-HS using the mass storage class.

In my application I have a 16Gbyte SD card, that has data in a propriety format. I want the ability to be able to download various "views" of the data. In essence the views are equivalent to queries on the data, although not quite simple enough to format into a virtual filesystem. A typical "view" of the data may be a 200Mbyte summary that's extracted from the 16Gbytes of data. (Assume that the indexing on the SD card means that this is not the speed limited interface).

Due to the amount of data, I would like a transfer speed that is as fast as possible. So I think that I need to use bulk transfer end points (similar to the mass storage class), but do I do the actual transfer like a communications device class? Can I even do this? From the host PC end I would then have a serial port with an effective baud rate of 100Mbaud or even faster. But is this possible? Or, should I be looking at one of the other device classes?

Any advice on this would be appreciated, as I'm still feeling a little lost when looking at all the USB options and documents.