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Delete (mass erase) flash bank 2 on STM32F429II

Question asked by knapht.fnatt on Nov 27, 2014
Latest reply on Nov 28, 2014 by waclawek.jan
I have a STM32F429II with 2 x 1MB flash memories. It supports Read-While-Write on the flash banks. I have written code to write/read to the flash memory bank 2 and my application is on the flash bank 1. I have also written function to delete a sector and to do a mass erase on the whole bank 2. The sector delete function works, but the mass erase aborts the debugging process and it does look like it does not work.

I am using the HAL STM32F4 library version 1.3.0.

The test code I have written writes some data to the start of the first and second sector (sector 12 and 13) of flash bank 2. I am watching the start of the memory of both sectors in Keil uVision 5 using the memory windows and then try to execute the flash bank 2 mass erase, but then the debugging aborts and the memory seems to get random value just before it quits.

This is the code:

#include "stm32f4xx_hal.h"
void main (void)
    FLASH_EraseInitTypeDef eraseInit;
    uint32_t error;
    //Reset of all peripherals, Initializes the Flash interface and the Systick.
    //Configure clock and flash latency.
    //Unlock flash access.
    //Write a word to the start of sector 12 and sector 13 of bank 2.
    HAL_FLASH_Program(TYPEPROGRAM_WORD, 0x08100000, 0x12345678);
    HAL_FLASH_Program(TYPEPROGRAM_WORD, 0x08104000, 0x87654321);
    //Lock flash access.
    //Configure mass erase parameters.
    eraseInit.TypeErase = TYPEERASE_MASSERASE;
    eraseInit.Banks = FLASH_BANK_2;
    eraseInit.VoltageRange = VOLTAGE_RANGE_3;
    //Unlock flash access.
    /*** This is the line that aborts the debugging... ***/
    HAL_FLASHEx_Erase(&eraseInit, &error);
    //Lock flash access.
    //Infinite loop.
void SystemClock_Config(void)
  RCC_OscInitTypeDef RCC_OscInitStruct;
  RCC_ClkInitTypeDef RCC_ClkInitStruct;
  RCC_PeriphCLKInitTypeDef PeriphClkInitStruct;
  RCC_OscInitStruct.HSEState = RCC_HSE_ON;
  RCC_OscInitStruct.LSEState = RCC_LSE_ON;
  RCC_OscInitStruct.LSIState = RCC_LSI_ON;
  RCC_OscInitStruct.PLL.PLLState = RCC_PLL_ON;
  RCC_OscInitStruct.PLL.PLLM = 8;
  RCC_OscInitStruct.PLL.PLLN = 336;
  RCC_OscInitStruct.PLL.PLLQ = 7;
  RCC_ClkInitStruct.AHBCLKDivider = RCC_SYSCLK_DIV1;
  RCC_ClkInitStruct.APB1CLKDivider = RCC_HCLK_DIV4;
  RCC_ClkInitStruct.APB2CLKDivider = RCC_HCLK_DIV2;
  HAL_RCC_ClockConfig(&RCC_ClkInitStruct, FLASH_LATENCY_5);
  PeriphClkInitStruct.PeriphClockSelection = RCC_PERIPHCLK_RTC;
  PeriphClkInitStruct.RTCClockSelection = RCC_RTCCLKSOURCE_LSE;