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SP1ML Bricked/Unresponsive after baud rate change

Question asked by Garr.Jason on Feb 9, 2016
Latest reply on Mar 9, 2018 by Pedro Henrique Kopper
Trying to see what he max throughput i could get through the SP1ML915 i decided to jack the baudrate up to 460800. After sending the command and then switching my com port baud I was able to communicate with the module. Save the settings "AT/C" and power reset. Now the module is completely unresponsive. I have tried re-flashing the firmware but no luck. Any other way of defaulting the module?

Some observations from testing.  Having another working module sending broadcast data out and probing the Tx line on the bricked module I was able to see data being clocked out. This data however is coming out at a rate of ~150bps and not consistent to the data being sent (0xAA).

I am starting to get the feeling that this may be a firmware bug in how different baud rates are handles/calculated.