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complete programming tools for linux

Question asked by mahmoud on Nov 22, 2014
Latest reply on Nov 23, 2014 by Lix Paulian
hi every one
what is best programming tools including compiler,maker,linker,ide &... in linux?
i know maybe i cant find these integrated,then whats your suggestion for each part?
i think to dont use any lite ,trial tools,but if there are a good choise im glad to hear.
the most important subject is have these capability :
1- support cmsis
2-not be a rusty project(developer be active & support it,having a good feature)
3-support jlink & ulink
4-have a good learning sources,article & projects
5-have a simulation/debaugging environment like keil (in keil we can simulate & debug peripherals like gpio,spi &... & core) is a plus point
thank for your response