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STM3240G-EVAL lwip FreeRTOS

Question asked by wong.wai_hong on Nov 21, 2014
Latest reply on Dec 19, 2014 by Oussema Hajjem
Hi guys,

Currently I am working on the lwip application on STM3240G-Eval. I am planning to use the FreeRTOS with lwip. But I found out that lwip with FreeRTOS integration is not as stable as I thought. The ethernet link would be broken after a certain point of time. Sometime it happened immediately after the system reset, and sometime it happened after running for half and hour. I am pinging the target and running the STM32F2x7TASKS.html on browser. The project I have been using for this test is LwIP_HTTP_Server_Socket_RTOS.

This scenario is not happened LwIP_HTTP_Server_Raw.

Any idea??