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multiapplications jump

Question asked by fortino.fabrizio on Nov 20, 2014
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I'm trying to develop kind of a bootloader for STM32F4 (or other) family in a little different way than usual.
I gave a look to the existing discussions and so far none of them was helpful for me.
The idea is to create 3 different Atollic (or any other IDE like coocox) compiled applications to load in different areas of the flash memory of the same microcontroller and jump from one to another.
what i did so far is creating 3 different projects with Atollic, save the bin file with st-link and program to target location always with st-link.
the default application basically jumps to one or the other application in memory depending by a flag.
following the existing discussions and AN from ST I’ve written a code that effectively jumps, but it doesn't jump where i wish.
what happens is a jump to the startup file of the main default application! it's rebooting all the time!

i thought that the mistakes can be in the load in memory procedure or in the way the address has been given (simply given by the memory address of the application and applying the +4 shift as found here).

any help or idea?