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stm32F051 Touch TSC with cubeMX

Question asked by dormann.uli on Nov 20, 2014
Latest reply on Sep 22, 2017 by Ricky S

i try to develop a touch interface with the stm32f051 and want to use the stm32CubeMX Software. I want to do it with an interrupt and have the generated code in my IAR. My question is, where i can found a tutorial/dokumentation how to implement a scan which touchbutton is pressed. I found a lot for TSL (Library) but not for TSC which use the library but use other functions/names.
I think the treshhold voltage is initializise in the init-function so i have in the interrupt only to check if a IO is high or low.
I have the code for the Touch sensing interrupt:
void TSC_IRQHandler(void){
I've found this post:
other post
The point is, i don`t know the syntax i need to scan my input like:
if (button_1){ ..}
PA0 and TSC_G1_IO1 aren't known in my project but stands as comments in the TSC.c.
Can anyone give me a tip or a link?