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Do you use STM32cubeMX

Question asked by bonelli on Nov 19, 2014
Latest reply on Nov 20, 2014 by gonzalez.laurent

ST announced that everybody should use the cubeMX software (or at least libraries) because the old libraries will not be supported anymore. I was a noob on STM32 so I decided to start with cubeMX.

It it clear that nobody use it since all examples found on the net (and especially on this forum) use the old libraries. They just do NOT compile on a project generated with cubeMX.

Moreover, I can't understand why a simple program that is just init. some peripherals (SPI/I2C/UART & FATFS/SDIO) do NOT compile with the free version of IAR or keil because of the code size limit (32kB). Without optimization, my program weight 33kB ! for something like init clock/init periph/mount SD card. WOW ! Same job was done with 2kB on low-cost 8 bits UC or 5-6kB on PIC32.

So what should I do ? Peripherals cannot be fully initialized with cubeMX (try to configure ADC+DMA and you will understand...), the "solution" is to do it manually but this look like spaghetti - and the ugly IAR/keil interfaces that ST choose don't help...